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Avis Rhodes Head of Customer Service Ros GarciaCustomer Relations Manager Nina MaanTraining Consultant from Accelerator
Customer satisfaction went from 19.7% to 62%

East Thames is one of the biggest providers of affordable housing in East London and Essex. They own and manage 15,000 homes as well as providing care and support services for their tenants. With such an important role to play, the company needed to improve its customer satisfaction rate of 19.7% and reduce complaints.

This presentation will uncover how East Thames took action to develop their approach- placing resolution, opposed responding alone, at the heart. Find out how a ‘lean’ review helped to streamline the complaints procedure and “Licence to resolve” training educated employees in generating solutions to challenging situations. Incentives for employees to go the extra mile is just one way this organisation has rejuvenated their customer rapport.

Listen to Avis, Ros and Nina explain more award-winning ways this organisation improved customer satisfaction to 62% with complaints reducing from 945 per annum to 112 in just six months.

  • Winner (East Thames Ltd in partnership with Accelerator Solutions) UK Complaints Handling Awards Not for Profit or Charity
  • Overall Winner - Customer Service Training Programme of the Year 2013 (Family Mosaic)
  • Customer Service Training Programme of the Year 2013 (Family Mosaic)
  • Customer Service Training Leader/Mentor of the Year 2012 (Family Mosaic)
  • Customer Service Training Team of the Year 2011 (public sector – Family Mosaic)
  • Customer Service Training Team of the Year 2010 (public sector – Family Mosaic)
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Janis HamblingOperations Manager Customer Relations
How strong leadership reduced customer complaints by 70%

Janis Hambling, Operations Manager at Yorkshire Building Society will be sharing her secrets behind how her strong leadership has resulted in a 70% reduction in the number of complaints received in just two years.

The Customer Relations Team was undergoing a transformation to deliver a complaints approach that met regulatory requirements and delivered the company’s vision of being the most trusted financial services provider in the UK. Through empowering colleagues to deliver great outcomes for customers, Janis’ award-winning leadership delivered on the required regulatory changes, reducing their pipeline of complaints from over 2,000 to just 300.

If you’re leading a customer relations team, join Janis and find out how great root cause analysis and moving towards a culture that gives customers the benefit of the doubt has restored and strengthened trust for Yorkshire Building Society.

  • Winner at UK Complaint Handling Awards 2017 - Leader category
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Stephen Yap Head of Customer Services

Customer experience is shaped by expectations. Therefore, to satisfy customers requires not only the delivery of a good experience, but expectations management. In this presentation Stephen will discuss the significance of expectations, why company effort is as important as customer effort, and will share research which reveals that brand equity and customer experience are inseparable.

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Lunch and Networking

Enjoy lunch and a further opportunity to chat about the day with presenters and professionals.

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Claire CarrollHead of Member and Customer Services
Empowering colleagues to provide customer-focused resolutions

2014 was a challenging year for the COOP with losses amounting to £2.5bn, so Claire Carroll, HEAD OF MEMBER AND CUSTOMER SERVICES, was appointed to lead the team through a period of transformation and is here to share her award-winning initiatives with you.

Claire empowered advisers to provide customer-focused resolutions including removing previous refund limits and creating an Amazon account so anyone could purchase a bespoke and personal gift to say ‘sorry’. Through these initiatives and building the team, colleague engagement has increased from 65% to 85%.

Join Claire to discuss how she tackled the fundamental issues holding the contact centre back, with multi-award winning results.

  • Winner at UK Complaint Handling Awards 2017 - Dispute Resolution Professional
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Henley Business School

Professor Moira Clark Professor of Strategic Marketing and Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management
Making it easy to be a customer

How organisations are developing complaint handling and resolution strategies that are transforming business performance.

Using the latest research from the Henley Centre for Customer Management, Moira will look at the importance of effortless engagement in transforming business performance. She will discuss the key dimensions of customer ‘ease’ and the importance of moving towards a more personalised approach for complaint handling. She will also highlight how managing customer complaints in real time can lead to better outcomes for the customer and the company and ultimately better long-term business results.

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Mark Bailey Director of Business Engagement
What customers are trying to tell you - the Customer Iceberg!
16:50 - 17:00