Working with our truly unique service and solution offering, Mark is matching customer (organisation) issues with Resolver capabilities to ensure better outcomes for consumers and the organisations that supply them. He is responsible for the sales and business development for Resolver and the fledgling sales and marketing team as it grows to meet the needs of our clients.

A Cambridge degree in History proved a natural path (!) into data & voice communications and then sales and sales management. Mark commenced his career with a start-up business which was sold to a French multi-national in the 90s and then moved onto running national managed IT services sales operations for a Belgian telecommunications provider. More recently he has been leading the commercial engagement for the Government Digital Solutions practice at CACI Ltd.

Having been an observer of the progress made by Resolver since the conceptual stage, becoming more directly involved became almost inevitable.

Best Customer experience

This took a bit of thought as, unfortunately, it’s the bad experiences that stick it the memory. One of the most memorable positive experiences has to be from a trip to the US where, having had a load of college kids move into our corridor, with an ensuing night of noise and no sleep, the hotel customer services manager offered to move us (expected), upgrade us (hoped for) and credited our incurred expenses of restaurant, bar, hotel shop and spa (completely not expected). So we recommend Beaver Run in Breckenridge whenever asked.

If you were a type of music… what would you be and why?

House music; always friendly; formative origins traceable to the 70’s; likes to think of itself as a bit subversive, in a mainstream sort of way; can go on a bit.

Favourite movie

Life of Brian